Model: QR-017 | Date:2010-05-06


Size(L*W*H): 300-1200*90/125*12/15mm
Thickness of top layer: 2mm,3mm,4mm
Lacquer: UV treffert finish
Edge: Bevel, micro-bevel, square
Joint: Tongue and Groove(T&G)

Wood species: Sapele
Latin name: Entandrophragma cylindrium Sprague
Family: Meliaceae
Wood properties

The heartwood is pink when freshly cut, but it matures to a red-brown or purple-brown color.The sapwood is gray-pink or cream in color;
The grain is moderately interlocked or wavy. Quarter cut Sapele is reported to yield a ribbon, regular stripe or bee's wing. Other cuts feature various desirable patterns, including fiddlebacks, roe or a mottled design, especially in wood containing wavy grain; 
Texture is typically moderately fine.Luster is described as high and golden.The wood has a cedar-like scent that remains even after long exposure;
Its density: 0.64g/cm3

Sapele is reported to be prone to distort during drying. Moderate temperatures are recommended especially during the early stages of drying. Slight checking may occur during drying, but the species is generally free from the cross-breaks which occur in African mahogany.
Main uses
high-class decoration materialfurnitureflooringjoinery. 
Abundant and widely used.