Model: QD-005 | Date:2010-05-06


Size(L*W*H): 300-1200*90/125*12/15mm
Thickness of top layer: 2mm,3mm,4mm
Lacquer: UV treffert finish
Edge: Bevel, micro-bevel, square
Joint: Tongue and Groove(T&G)

Wood species: Merbau
Latin name: Intsia spp.
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Malaysia, Philippines,etc
Wood properties:

The heartwood is brown-gray, brown-yellow, brown-red or black. The sapwood is light yellow. The sapwood has 5 - 7,5 cm tights which is differed from heartwood.The wood texture is evenly coarse. The grain of merbau is straight or occasionally slightly interlocked.The wood surface is smooth.The wood surface is glossy;
Its average density: 0.84g/cm3; 
Merbau wood can be dried satisfactorily without incurring significant defect.Wood stains black in contact with ferrous metals or moisture.
Main uses:
Merbau wood is mainly used for flooring, furniture, paneling, fine joinery, decorative turnery, cabinetmaking, musical instruments, and specialty items. The wood is also a dye source.
Widely available