Model: | Date:2010-04-30


The key to the survival of an enterprise is market and profit. No profit without market, and no existence without profit.

Our company is closely taking the pulse of market and pay great attention to the customer’s feedback and requirements. We focus on both home market and global market, but global market percentage is rising, actually it’s more than 70% already.

1) Home Market:
We divide Home market into 5 districts, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, and Middle region;
Each district is controlled by an assigned District Manager who is responsible for region market information and overall planning.
Currently we have already set up reclusive floor stores in 20 cities of China that forms a steady marketing and logistics channel.
We also have interest in home market projects like residential estates or commercial buildings.

We took up the strategy of ”gradual growth with flexible upsurge”, as a Chinese saying, coping with changeable market situations by remaining unchanged. Solidifying ready market is our basis.

2) Global Market:
We divide Global Market into 2 districts, Big-district and Small-district;
Big-district contains European and North American markets, countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, etc. Several District Managers are assigned to be responsible for handling ,executing and planning.
Small-district contains Southeast Asian countries and Korea, Japan,etc.

Our marketing channels are partnering with wholesalers, big distributors, trading importers, project contractors, etc.
It’s a must for us to take part in global fairs like Las Vagas Fair, Hannover Fair, Domotex Fair,etc.

Facing more and more intense market competition, Qichuang will strengthen production quality control and technics research, promote efficiency and management skills, and keep growing sustain ably for a break-through in the field of engineered wood flooring.