Installing a wood floor

Model: Installing a wood floor is not a huge task. | Date:2010-05-17

Wood  floors are always in trend. They never seem to go out of vogue. It’s classy and rich looks .Moreover it is apt if you are planning to give your home a theme like ancient, antique, ethnic etc.

Installing a wood floor is not a huge task. If you think you are capable of doing it then go right ahead. To install a wood floor you have to begin by leveling the floor onto which you will be laying the wood floor. This calls for sanding, smoothing and making sure the sub-floor has an even surface. Once the surface is smoothened you can begin the installation of planks.
You can decide a focal point from where the laying of the planks can begin. It could be the centre of a room or from the corner of a room. A

lternatively give your room a border. Once you give the border you can begin to install the wood floor. Giving a border to your room before you begin installation will assure that you have symmetrical planks lined up. Then go on to make grid lines all across the floor measuring the planks and keeping adequate space for the fittings. Once the first row of planks is laid correctly you can be assured that the rest will fall in place.

You could also do a test fitting to check if the planks are falling in place. Before you glue the planks to the floor engage in a test fit, keeping the joints at least 12 inches away. Keep to the manual guide or ask for professional help at any stage. Make sure you do a clean job after all your house is developed on that floor.