Engineered Wood Flooring will dominate market

Model: Engineered Wood Flooring will dominate market | Date:2010-05-13

7/19/2007 | 11:20:30 AM 
Consumers who often visits building materials market will  find that engineered wood flooring is being greatly promoted by market sellers or vendors. Big commercial brand holders like Power decor and others forefast that  the most popular type of wood flooring is engineered wood flooring in the coming monthes or years at the Flooring Seminair held in the venue of National People's  Congress in session Nov.8, 2006.

Hardwood flooring is evaluated by its appearance, color variation, grains, sapwoods, knots, edge-joints, painting wear content,etc.

Engineered wood flooring has same situation with Hardwood flooring, for example, the existence of color variation is created by Timber's different growing conditions such as latitude, fortitude, size of trees,etc. Manufacturers can only harmonize the color to its possibly best  with modern technics.

The fact is that just only man-made materials can avoid color variation(like laminate flooring), and more and more consumers in China as realized that color variation is truely natural and right reflecting the beauty of wood and the fluctuating grains ignite millions of imaginations, like mountains, rivers, peoples, flowers, rabbits, pests, clouds  and so on.

What's the thickness of wear layer? Is it enough?
As far as engineered wood flooring is concerned, the wear property is determined by what kind of painting it applies instead of what thickness of top layer. In your selection of engineered wood flooring, we suggest you concern more about the painting quality of floors.

The workable method is,  to place the plank in an oblique shineness, and inspect the  smoothness of finish membrane, the uneven painting surface is unaccepted. And its surface should be clean, no crack, no spots, no bubbles,etc.

Engineered wood flooring is mainly applied with UV finish by 6 roll paints, 3 ultra-violet solidifying, 2  sandings, in this way, the finish could maximum penetrate into fibre of top wood veneer with no danger of finish membrane peeling off.

This type of finish is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, fire-resistant, and highly transparent. It can block the erosion of chemicals and sustain lastingly. More important, it feels similarly natural when you walk on the finished planks and unfinished wood.

The simple method to test the quality presision of floors:

Most of consumers are lack of experiences of evaluating quality precision of floors, but it's necessary if you do so.

You just need:
to randomly take 5 or more planks out of box and place them onto flat or even floor, joint them together hard by hand, then, observe the tightness of Tongue&Groove, feel the flatness by hand. After that, take two jointed planks in the air and shake them tenderly to check if it's easily aparted.