Model: Warranty | Date:2010-05-13



Qichuang puts every plank of flooring through a strict quality control system. Qichuang warrants Engineered Wood Flooring, to the original importer, in the original manufactured/imported condition, to be free from milling defects for the lifetime of the floor. Any damage due to improper transportation, storage, handling, installation, water damage, flooding, fire, furniture, shoes of all types, pets, insect, neglect, environmental extremes, is not covered by this warranty. As per GB/T18103-2000 industry standards, Qichuang reserves the right for a 2% defect allowance, which is not covered under this warranty.

Relief Clauses
1) Under normal residential conditions, the finish wear layer of the Engineered Wood Flooring will not wear through or peel off from the wood for a period of twenty five (25) years from the on board date of Bill of Lading by the original importer. Regular maintenance as specified must be followed in order to validate this warranty. The sole remedy pursuant to this warranty is available to the original importer only and shall be limited to the refinishing or replacement or cash refund of the defective products only.

2) The sub-floor is the responsibility of the installer. Failure of Engineered Wood Flooring relating to the sub-floor, in any manner, is not the responsibility of Qichuang and is not covered under the warranty.

3) Any variation or reduction in finish gloss level, small cracks that develop from improper moisture control, flooding, excessive drying, will not be covered under this warranty.

4) Engineered Wood Flooring will expand and contract with the change of seasons due to it is made from natural timbers which have cells running parallel with the grain, therefore, This CUPPING effect, expanding and contracting, is not covered under this warranty. It is recommended that you maintain a relative humidity of 45% in your home by using a humidifier and/or dehumidifier to minimize movement of your Engineered Wood Flooring.

5) Color variations are a natural occurrence in flooring due to age, species and exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. For this reason, you may encounter mild color variations from board to board.

6) Discoloring(fading/darkening) under the rug is caused by normal sunlight or no-air-touch, also depending on the species of your floor. Area rugs should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and air and may give the original appearance the floor is; this discoloring is not covered under warranty.