Fun with Flooring Ideas

Model: you can find the perfect flooring idea for your home | Date:2010-06-15

The wide range of flooring options available today probably makes your head buzz every time you contemplate getting a new floor. At the same time, it also means you can find the perfect flooring idea for your home or office/place of work. Thus you can take your pick of wood or wood laminates, ceramic tiles, slate/stone, vinyl flooring, carpets, stone and marble, etc.



And then there are the sub-sections: if you choose wood, what is it to be, maple, oak, pine or teak? Do you like black, white, Connemara, rough finish, or polished marble? Of course, a lot depends on your budget and individual taste, but here is a ready guide to the broad categories of flooring available on the market:Laminate , Linoleum,Vinyl Tiles,Ceramic Tiles,Slate Tiles,Wooden Flooring,Parquet Flooring,Stone Floors,Carpets,Rugs.


And here are tips before you buy your flooring :


Draw an outline of the room or rooms. Indicate where the entrances are placed

Measure the room accurately with a measuring tape and write down its width and length. Remember, smaller print patterns can make the room seem a lot bigger

Take into account adjoining rooms and the flooring on those rooms and make sure you harmonize the new flooring with the old

If too much natural light enters the room, you might consider a laminated floor, and vinyl, ceramic or porcelain tiles

Coordinate the color and style of your flooring with your furniture, curtains and wallpaper

The foot traffic that a room gets should dictate your flooring idea. A room with a high volume of traffic needs more durable flooring

Similarly, a room used mainly for leisure activities can accommodate relatively delicate flooring materials

Remember, pets may damage flooring, so factor that in. equally, the number of children in the house will also impact flooring

Lighter colors make rooms seem bigger

How much will the new flooring cost? Is sub-floor preparation part of the quoted price? Also, is the quoted price inclusive of the installation? Make sure all the necessary materials are included in the quoted price.