decking maintenance

Model: | Date:2024-06-05

Thank you so much for your patience of reading the below maintenance main points.

1) Usually the wood/bamboo decking should be maintained 2-3 times by outdoor-oil each year,especially the beginning three years.
In the fourth year,it can be maintained only 1-2 times.
If the decking is mounted under environment of fierce sun-drying with repeated rain days,it should be maintained as soon as possible after deck-mounting.
In average,after we install the bamboo decking,we must do the first maintenance within 3 months.

2) According to our experience, we should do the oiling between seasons, like between spring and summber,between summer and autumn, between autumn and winter,etc.
Also we know that if the decking is mounted in the bathroom without sunshine but with hot/cold water,moisture,it’s not problem and it usually can be maintained once a year, but the first two years should be maintained well(better twice oiling).
It still varies in different mounting-environment.
So, we see that the most important thing for outdoor decking is maintenance,if we don't maintain it after mounting,it happens that the wood or bamboo outdoor decking would be slightly and gradually crumbled on surface.

3) We believe many people in the world use natural wooden or bamboo instead of using stone or metal or plastic materials, just for considering the natural look and natural feel and higher taste. Which is the biggest advantage of natural wood.
Because human being’s nature is close to nature,of course natural materials.
Natural wood’s character includes changing color,interacting with oxygen in the air,etc.
Bamboo is botanically one of wood speices, its features are similar as other wood species like oak, maple, birch, merbau,etc.
And, the surface-slight-crumble happens in natural materials like wooden deck(oak,merbau,pine,fir,etc), bamboo deck after some monthes of repeating sun-drying and raining,which is,I am afraid, a normal phenomenon if after some monthes you did not oil it to do maintenance.
Please do not worry about this, because it’s normal, and natural, can last more than 15 years with maintenance.
The below photo shows you the contrast between first year and after several years:

Original color fresh from factory:

Grows darker(10 years later):

4) Our SW bamboo deck is at density 1.25kgs/m3, processed by high pressure and absolute-carbonizing procedure.
It's exactly produced according to national Industry standard GB/T 20240-2006.
Our solid wood deck is exactly produced according to natural Industry standard GBT15036.1-2001 and relevant production criteria.

5) Thank you for reading the above, if you have mounted the decking, please go to outsides where the wood/bamboo decking are mounted, do the oiling at once.
If you have any other questions,please kindly contact us any time,thanks.

Yours truly,