Four solutions for wood floor soaking

Model: | Date:2024-06-07

Water is the natural enemy of wood flooring, when wood flooring encounters water, many people do not know how to deal with it. How to deal with wood soaking wood floor at home in time? Below, for you to recommend a few good ways to make the water floor back to life!
Option one: Use a high-power vacuum cleaner

Adapt to the disease: Solid wood flooring with small area of water in the way of straight laying
Treatment plan: If the water intake phenomenon is found in a very short time, the water vapor can be sucked out by a high-power vacuum cleaner. However, if a large area of water must be prised up the floor, according to the second scheme for drying. At the same time, if the indoor moisture is large, the dehumidifier can be installed indoors if conditions exist, and the indoor moisture can be drained in a short time, but this operation scheme needs to have the floor dry identification technology.

Option two: Remove the kickers
Applicable symptoms: laminate floor soaking water
Treatment plan: Whether it is a large area of water or a small area of water, Mr. Liu does not recommend that the laminate floor pry up to dry, so easy to cause damage to the laminate floor, it is likely to cause serious consequences that can not be used again. It is best to quickly drain the surface water of the floor, and then remove the floor kicker, exposing the expansion joint, and the water vapor is distributed by the expansion joint, but according to the size of the water into the water, it usually takes seven to fifteen days or so to dry up, for better quality or not long soaking time products can recover by themselves, if it can not recover after fifteen days, it should be considered to replace it.

Option three: Pry up the wooden floor to "well" font stacked shade dry
Applicable symptoms: The floor is pried up after soaking in water
Treatment: For water-soaked floors, drying is essential to keep the floor as undistorted as possible. The surface water of the floor can be wiped dry, according to the "well" font superposition, with the weight generated by its superposition to prevent deformation, pay attention to the reverse side of the floor when placed, to prevent the surface from drying due to rapid drying and cracking, and pay attention not to be placed in the sun exposure, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Under normal circumstances, for good quality solid wood and multi-layer solid wood can be used again. In addition, in the occurrence of water leakage should be the first time to notify the floor after-sales service, the staff will be combined with the floor's own situation to provide the owner with the best solution.

Option four: One side leaks, both sides pry up ventilation
Adapted to the disease: add keel, small area of waterlogged solid wood flooring
Treatment plan: If the small area of water is found in time, the ground can be treated clean, the board can be pry up, and the wet floor can be dried and then re-installed; If the amount of water is slightly larger, it is not only necessary to pry up the board at the leak, but also to pry up the opposite board along the direction set by the keel row, so that the internal circulation air takes away the moisture. If you can not determine the size of the amount of water, it is best to pry up the board according to the flow of water, and check the moisture situation.

If it is not treated after soaking in water, or mishandled, resulting in abnormal air drying, the wood floor may also cause mold and even cracking. So the floor should be treated as soon as possible after soaking. Hope to share the floor soaking water how can give help to everyone.