Decorating Hardwood Floor

Model: Modern is no exception with hardwood floors | Date:2010-05-30

All your hardwood floor problems can be solved with the use of an area rug. Area rugs instantly transform any room they are laid down in but they also protect your hardwood floor from the scrapes and gouges that furniture will inevitably put there.

The decor you want to create should be the first thing you think about when choosing an area rug for a hardwood floor. It is good to know that there is an area rug to suit whatever decorative style you choose, especially as there are so many different decorating styles to choose from.

Every color imaginable is available in an area rug. You will create a more harmonious look in a room if the room decor is complemented by an appropriate area rug. To add instant drama in a room, opt for a contrasting color to the décor. Bear in mind that light colored area rugs are great on a dark hardwood floor and to contrast with lighter flooring choose brighter or dark colored area rugs.The overall effect of an area rug is greatly enhanced by its texture. A more casual appearance can be achieved by using braided rugs that give a looser look, whereas tightly woven rugs look neat and compact. Choose carefully if opting for rugs mad of bamboo, as these resemble wood itself and must work with the grain in the hardwood floor.

When choosing a strictly contemporary look; angles, straight lines and shiny surfaces are kept simple. Typically, black, white and silver are the colors of furniture and accessories. Modern is no exception with hardwood floors, which work with any style of decoration. Modern area rugs can provide a splash of color while maintaining geometrical decor designs around and under them. This will create the ultimate modern look.

Another style that can be incorporated into design ideas is that of tropical. Tuscan with Country or Moroccan and Traditional can combine to create eclectic themes. However, it is not always true to say that anything goes when combining design styles. Add elements from each style and combine them to compliment the other’s look. The same will apply when choosing an area rug for a hardwood floor. The patterns on a modern area rug will clash terribly with those in a traditional pattern of a Moroccan area rug. While mixing area rugs from different styles can make for an interesting look, you must be extra discriminating when mixing and matching rugs.