Model: | Date:2024-06-06

1. Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

1. You may wish to use a protective treatment just before starting using your Engineered Wood Flooring.
2. Make sure your room temperature is about 18 degree Celsius and relative humidity between 45-60%.
3. Place felt or alike under furniture legs.
4. Place a floor mat at every entrance.
5. Use dry cleaning methods such as wiping, dry mopping or vacuuming. Avoid water.
6. Remove sand or dirt immediately as it may scratch your Engineered Wood Flooring.
7. Remove dirt and stains with a gentle detergent and a damp (NOT wet) sponge, mop or cloth.
8. Never use aggressive detergents or products containing a mmonia or silicones.

Consult your local flooring shop for specialised maintenance products.

2. Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Please purchase quality soap and quality maintenance oil for oiled flooring at your local flooring shop.

Please follow the soap manufacturer's advice. Among others:

1. The floor should be free from dirt or residue before cleaning.
2. Dissolve soap into a warm (not hot) water solution 1/40 or as reco mmended by the soap manufacturer.
3. Always work with 2 buckets. One with soap water and the other with clean water to rinse the mop.
4. Wash the floor lengthways, using a damp (not wet) floor mop.
5. Leave the soap solution on the surface of the wood floor in order to dissolve heavy dirt.
6. Never use plain water.

Please follow the maintenance oil manufacturer's advice. Among others:

1. Apply the maintenance oil evenly on the Engineered Wood Flooring.
2. Polish until the Engineered Wood Flooring appears silky matt.
3. Allow 24 hours for the maintenance oil to completely settle.