Two layer flooring

Model: | Date:2024-06-03

Two layer flooring

2 Layer Multiplywood Flooring Products

Specifications & Standard applied : BS EN 13489: 2002; BS EN 14342: 2005
100% full veneer Birch Plywood,"Dynea Glue" compliance with Prefere 6151 conforms to Durability Class D4 of the European Standard EN204/205.Formaldehyde E1.
Brand of Lacquer and Natural oil " Woca", "Treffert" ,"Rubiomonocoat plus" and etc. Top Layer: 5 base coats, 1 Alumimum Oxide and 2 Finish Coats.
Bevel edge :Machine first before coating Square Edge : Coating first before Machining.
Processing method of lamination between top layer and plywood: Cold Pressed.
Lamination between top and Plywood: after lamination 5 days conditioning it before processing.

Grading of timber specifications 
Grade A : Free from all defects
Grade B: Life knots 2mm diameter below 2 nos max per piece.
Grade C: No Sap,Life knots 8mm diameter below 3nos Max per piece.
Grade D: Dead Knots allowed but well repaired,Irregular Grain allowed, Dark Color allowed.

Wood Selection
Quarter, Semi-quarter and Crown Grains are mixed together unless otherwise instructed and prices are subjected to it.

Top Layer Wood Species: Russian Oak, Doussie, Iroko,Burma Teak,
American walnut, Bamboo,Afromosia,European Beech and Indo Merbau.

Color Slection
Light/ Medium and Dark are selected accordingly to species requirement by customers.

10/4mm x 70mm x 490mm and 600mm
10/4mm x 90mm x 600(30%)/900mm(70%)
10/4mm x 120mm x 600(30%)/900mm(70%)

Top Layer Thickness specifications.
2mm,3mm,4mm produced by us on request.

Fire Classifications :     in accordance with EN1351-1:2007 & EN ISO 9239-1:2002 Fire                                         
behaviour:                      E fl S1

Capacity of loading per Container
20 foot container/22 pallets:1811.04M2
40 foot container/42pallets:3457.44m
260 pcs/carton of 2.58m2 per carton Box, 40 carton boxes per pallet.