International Plywood and Veneer Prices

Model: | Date:2010-04-29

International Plywood and Veneer Prices


Companies which import plywood products from Indonesia were recently advised by the IWPA  (  that the U.S. government will formally consider a petition to reinstate benefits for product HTS 4412.13.40.

Plywood (export, FOB)

MR,                              per Cu.m

Grade BB/CC

2.7mm                          US$360-370 ß

3mm                             US$325-335 ß

6mm                             US$290-300

Brazilian Plywood and Veneer

Recently, the IWPA ( notified its members (see below) of changes to the GSP program for plywood products. In particular, a plywood product from Brazil being imported under the HTS code 4412.19.40 (softwood plywood) has received a great deal of attention because it is scheduled to lose its duty-free status on July 2, 2005 for at least one year.

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports

Veneer FOB                             per Cu.m

White Virola Face

2.5mm                                      US$220

Pine Veneer (C/D)                    US$140


Plywood FOB                           per Cu.m

White Virola (US Market)

 5.2mm OV2 (MR)                    US$360

 15mm BB/CC (MR)                 US$305


For Caribbean countries

White Virola

4mm                                         US$420

12mm                                       US$330


Pine EU market

9mm C/CC (WBP)                    US$250

15mm C/CC (WBP)                  US$240

18mm C/CC (WBP)                  US$235

GSP Plywood

The IWPA ( has issued a notice drawing attention of the timber trade to the US decision on GSP plywood products that may be subject to a change in duty-free status under the GSP programme. The official Federal Register notice is available at

The GSP programme provides for the duty-free importation of designated articles when imported from designated beneficiary developing countries.

Members were informed on September 23, 2004, edition of E-news that this product was in danger of losing its GSP status because of the volume of imports into the United States. The IWPA now confirms that this product has crossed now that threshold.

As of July 2, 2005, HTS 4412.19.40 will lose its duty free status for at least one year - July 2005 to July 2006.

The IWPA says it was told by the United States Office of the Trade Representative that Brazil is planning to request a waiver to reinstate benefits. It is unlikely that a waiver will be granted due to volume imported in excess of the two competitive need limitations.* (see background note below)

Further, the United States is reviewing the GSP status of Brazil itself. The investigation is in response to a petition asking USTR to remove Brazil's GSP benefits because it does not adequately protect intellectual property rights. USTR has formally extended the review of Brazil's GSP status for a second time, until September 30, 2005.

Note that soon there will be a formal consideration of a petition to reinstate benefits for plywood product 4412.13.40 from Indonesia.

All determinations and decisions on the GSP program are based on full calendar year 2004 import data with respect to each GSP-eligible article.

Malaysian Plywood

MR Grade BB/CC FOB   per Cu.m

2.7mm                          US$370-380 ß

3mm                             US$345-350 ß

9mm plus                      US$315-325 Ý


Rotary Veneer  Core                 Face    

                        1-1.9mm           below 2mm

Euro per Cu.m

Bombax,           325                   360

Chenchen,         325                   360

Kyere,              325                   360

Ofram,              325                   360

Ogea,               325                   360

Otie,                 325                   360

Ceiba                270                   300

Mahogany         425                   460

The above prices are for full sized panels, falling sizes minus 15%.


Core Grade  2mm+        per Cu.m

Ceiba                            US$235

Chenchen,Ogea,Essa     US$295

Ofram,                          US$305

Sliced Veneer

Prices for some species have increased

                           Euro per Sq.m

                        Face     Backing

Afromosia         1.19      1.00

Asanfina           1.25      0.80

Avodire            0.92      0.60

Chenchen         0.72      0.50

Mahogany         1.03      0.70

Makore             1.01      0.60

Odum               1.54      0.95

Plywood Prices FOB

Redwoods B/BB          

                          Euro per Cu.m

                        WBP                MR     

4mm                 560                   460

6mm                 340                   310

9mm                 315                   290

12mm               300                   280

15mm               310                   285

18mm               300                   275

Light Woods B/BB       

                        WBP                MR     

4mm                 500                   330

6mm                 335                   270

9mm                 290                   255

12mm               270                   235

15mm               280                   245

18mm               245                   235

Grade AB/BB would attract a premium of 5%. BB/BB would be 5% less, C/CC would be 10% less and CC/CC would be 15% less.


FOB For Mexican Market   per Cu.m

Copaiba plywood,

two faces sanded,

B/C, 15x4x8mm            US$350-355

Virola plywood,

two faces sanded,

b/c, 5.2mmx4x8             US$395-405

Lupuna plywood, treated,

two faces sanded, for Mexico

5.2mmx4x8                   US$345-350

Lupuna plywood, b/c

15mmx4x8                    US$325-330

b/c, 9mmx4x8                US$335-340

b/c, 12mmx4x8              US$330-335

c/c 4mmx8x4                US$360-365

Veneer Prices

FOB                             per Cu.m

Lupuna 2.5mm              US$210-215

Lupuna 4.2mm              US$220-235

Lupuna 1.5mm              US$235-240

Domestic Plywood Prices


Rotary Cut Veneer

(ex-mill Northern Mill)               per Cu.m

White Virola Face                     US$158

White Virola Core                     US$128



(ex-mill Southern Mill)  

Grade MR                                per Cu.m

4mm White Virola                     US$512

15mm   White Virola                 US$370


Domestic                      per Cu.m

3mm                             US$370-380

12-18mm                      US$295-305 ß


Domestic MR plywood

(Jarkarta)                      per Cu.m

9mm                             US$280-285 ß

12mm                           US$260-270 ß

15mm                           US$260-275


                                                   per Cu.m

Lupuna Plywood

122 x 244 x 4mm BB/CC           US$461

122 x 244 x 6mm BB/CC           US$451

122 x 244 x 8mm BB/CC           US$438

122 x 244 x 10mm BB/CC         US$424

122 x 244 x 12mm BB/CC         US$430

122 x 244 x 15mm BB/CC         US$426

122 x 244 x 18mm BB/CC         US$491

Other Panel Product Prices


FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports

Export Prices

Blockboard 18mm         B/C      per Cu.m

Pine                                          US$340


Domestic Prices

Ex-mill Southern Region per Cu.m


15mm White Virola Faced         US$338


Particleboard (ex-factory)

15mm                                       US$204


Other Panels                per Cu.m

Export Particleboard FOB

9-18mm                        US$140-145


Domestic Particleboard

9mm                             US$150-160

12-15mm                      US$140-145

18mm                           US$135-140


MDF Export (FOB)

12-18mm                      US$195-205

MDF Domestic

12-18mm                      US$200-215


Particleboard (FOB)     

Export              per Cu.m

12mm & above             US$140-150 ß


12mm & above US$145-165


MDF (FOB)                 per Cu.m

Export 15-19mm            US$215-225

Domestic Price

12-18mm                      US$205-210


Domestic Particleboard Prices

Domestic                      per Cu.m

1.83m x 2.44m x 4mm   US$293

1.83m x 2.44m x 6mm   US$247

1.83m x 2.44m x 8mm   US$219

1.83m x 2.44m x 9mm   US$227

1.83m x 2.44m x 12mm  US$210

Prices of Added Value Products


Mouldings                     per Cu.m

Laminated Boards                    

Falkata wood                US$290-300 ß

Red Meranti Mouldings

11x68/92mm x 7ft up    

Grade A           US$610-620

Grade B            US$515-520


Mouldings (FOB)          per Cu.m

Selagan Batu Decking   US$595-600 Ý

Red Meranti Mouldings

11x68/92mm x 7ft up    

Grade A           US$610-620

Grade B            US$515-520


Parquet Flooring 1st Grade


FOB                 Euro per Sq.m

Apa                  12.0

Odum               7.8

Hyedua             13.67

Afromosia         13.72


Apa                  14.47

Odum               10.18

Hyedua             18.22

Afromosia         13.93


Apa                  17.00

Odum               11.00

Hyedua             17.82

Afromosia         17.82


Apa                  10.99

Odum               8.50

Hyedua             13.65

Afromosia         12.59

Grade 2 less 5%, Grade 3 less 10%


Strips  for parquet          FOB per Cu.m

Cabre uva KD S4S

Asian Market                US$1000-1050

Cumaru KD, S4S,

(Swedish Market)          US$610-625

Cumaru KD, S4S,

(Asian Market)             US$500-530

Cumaru decking, AD,

S4S E4S USA market    US$620-642

Pumaquiro KD # 1, C&B

(Mexican market)          US$465-480

Quinilla KD 12%, S4S


 (Asian market)             US$530-540