China launches green procurement policy

Model: | Date:2010-04-29

China’s Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) have announced that, starting in 2007, the nation’s central and provincial governments will prioritize their purchasing of environmentally friendly products and services. The government’s new “green procurement” policy will be implemented at all levels of jurisdiction starting in 2008.

The current “green purchasing list” includes 859 products in 14 categories, ranging from vehicles, photocopiers, printers, and televisions to flooring, paint, and other construction materials. SEPA has promised to continually update the list. SEPA launched the China Environmental Label in 1993.

It now includes 56 categories of products and services and is used by some 1,300 enterprises on 21,000 products, including construction materials, textiles, vehicles, cosmetics, electronics and packaging.