Painting a Wood Floor

Model: Painted floors require preparation | Date:2010-05-18

Although wood floors are commonly finished with stains and clear varnishes, painted floors can add a special touch to any room.

Today's floor paints are durable and attractive and work well as a single-color element in the room or as a base for other decoration such as stenciling.

Painted floors require preparation, with similiar steps for varnished, already painted, or bare wood floors.

Remove mildew with a 3-to-1 water-bleach solution.

Scuff-sand glossy areas (mill glaze on new wood, gloss paints on painted floors, and varnished wood). -- Remove deteriorated paint and make repairs to the flooring.

Clean the floor thoroughly to remove dirt and grease.Prime the floor. Apply a primer recommended for floors -- latex primer for latex floor paint or an alkyd primer for latex, alkyd, or polyurethane floor paint.

4-foot level, sander, vacuum, screwdriver or cordless drill and screwdriver bits, putty knife, paintbrushes, roller with extension handle

From 30 to 45 minutes per square yard to prepare the surface, plus another 15 minutes to paint each section

Bleach, sandpaper, primer and floor paint, patching compound

Using a level; cleaning, repairing, and painting wood