DIY Decking

Model: DIY-SW | Date:2011-12-05

Mesh Size(L*W*H):300X300X23mm
Thickness of SW bamboo deck: 12mm
Thickness of plastic rack: 11mm
Structure: Solid Strand Woven Bamboo, with plastic rack(polypropylene)
Lacquer: Natural oil
Color: Carbonized
Shape: square
Joint: DIY,no screw no nail, simple and fast
Certification(s): ISO9001, CE
Density: 1.2tons/ cubic meter
Standard: E0

Species: Bamboo
Family: Bambusoideae

Bamboo Properties:
Bamboo is a natural gift by earth, grows very fast,  and up to cut after 4-6 years only.
It's a perfect material for replacing wood. Expanding the consumption of bamboo materials is a way to protect precious tropical wood and the environment.

The greenish yellow hollow stalks grow from the root located under ground.Bamboo is used to make a wide variety of products all over the world.

Bamboo has many functions for making various home and industrial products.
Bamboo flooring is one of its great invention.