Solid Burmese Teak

Model: QC-HW-TK | Date:2013-06-21

Name: Burmese Teak Wooden / Real Wood / Hardwood / Solid Wood Flooring

Size: 300-1200 X 83 X 18mm
      300-900 X 90 X 18mm
      300-900 X 125 X 18mm

Joint: Tongue & groove 
Surface: UV lac/oil, smooth/brushed
End: micro bevel
Color: Natural color, or color-stained;
 Loading: 1200m2/20'FCL;
MOQ: Negotiable

Other requirements:
Smoked, handscraped, color-stained, multi-ply, other sizes, unfinished, etc are workable

Wood species: Burmese Teak
Latin: Tectona spp.

Wood Properties:
Burmese Teak, has been well-known for hundreds of years as strong, durable and yet elegant hardwood. It has been a great material for ship building, flooring, furniture, carving and joinery since long time ago. Why Burmese Teak makes such a fantastic choice for so many applications.
Burmese Teak Flooring is manufactured with precision and passion. Teak wood is carefully picked and is sawn precisely to achieve best quality in our manufacturing processes. We strive to provide the highest quality in our flooring products because we believe our customers deserve the best. BurmeseTeak Flooring is long-lasting not only the material itself, but also the beauty underfoot. It truly conveys a sense of luxury, comfort and timelessness.

Burmese Teak is famous for its resistance against termite attack and fungal decay. Furthermore, the wood is hard and strong itself, which makes the flooring able to last for centuries.A plain sawn and sanded teak wood is dull with an oily feel. The colour of the wood varies from attractive golden brown to pale yellowish. The grain is straight, sometimes wavy. It is already gorgeous in itself even without any finishing. With the complements of waxing and polishing on the wood, it would just give the wood an extra beauty for the golden brown surface. And surely, it would perfectly match your home with a little luxury and elegance.
The Changes in the temperature and humidity will usually result in dimension fluctuation in most of the hardwood; however this does not apply to Teak. Teak wood displays stable dimension characteristic regardless of weather changes. Teak is not prone to warp, twist, crack, or expand/shrink. In all, it is highly recommended to use teak wood as flooring material in our living interior.